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"....We’ve seen the deep dark places of Azeroth, felt the heat of its molten core, and the sand ravaged reaches of its desert temples housing old ancient horrors. We’ve marched across the wastes to sunder the Burning Legion in its foul fortresses and laid waste to their hold over the Sunwell. We’ve toppled the floating ziggurat of the Scourge, and penetrated the lightless chambers of the mad god’s prison. We’ve worn the banners of the Argent Crusade, and born the weight of the icy climb to the Lich King’s throne to see Frostmourne shattered before us.

Now the ground trembles and the skies darken, our leaders meet in Stormwind to discuss the coming cataclysm… and we are called by Jaina Proudmoore as her Wolves of Theramore to perform our grim once duties again...." 

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Guild Mission

Our mission in the Wolves of Theramore is simple and easy to understand. We want to have fun! We do that by participating in all areas of the World of Warcraft, driving towards difficult and rewarding challenges. Collect a pet or slay a raid boss, we’ve got a spot for you. We’re looking to fill all roles and positions to make a successful guild, take a look below for our current and upcoming priorities.


Guild Priorities for Cataclysm


Quests and Leveling

We want to make sure everyone is on-board and ready with everything they need to reach level cap and have fun doing it. Also included in this effort, is trade skills and secondary skills, our crafts are important to us! Guild groups, class information, and the knowledge from our officers and leads will be available to make it all work.

Guild Leveling and Achievements

    It's not all hard work (okay, most of it is) a lot of it is fun and games while building the guild and your own personal achievement score. Not only are a lot of these training exercises for our raid groups, but it's a great time to get reacquainted with the lore and history of the game. 


    Rated Battlegrounds! We're gearing up to own the fields of battle both old and new. We've got a wealth of PvP information and some of the best PVPers on the server. Inquire on the PvP forums where all the info will be available once it is ready.


    We're a 10-man raiding guild, and we believe in giving everyone an opportunity and providing an environment where people can learn and grow as raiders and players. While we may have several 10-man groups, we do have a core group of raiders that are looking towards progression raiding and getting into the raid game as soon as we can and we're always looking out for great players to join our progression team.


Guild History

The Wolves of Theramore have been active on Silver Hand for over five years. (Created 7-29-2005). We’ve enjoyed the company of roleplayers, hard core PvPers, deep progression raiders, and casual social players. We try to find a place for all style of players, and help those that want to transition between these roles do so in the best way possible. We have a solid reputation and a friendly guild environment that is built on awareness of family, social issues, and behaviors. We want to build a culture of friendship and fun and you can help us do that!

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